To the “too good” girl


Hi, y’all! How’s it going? I thought I’d let ya inside my life a bit. I want this to be a corner on the internet for you to come, have some coffee and feel refreshed reading the words of a fellow sista in knowing that you’re not alone. We are so much alike and you need to know that. A relationship in where we better one another is what I aim for, and I pray that this could be a place for that. I love sharing instances and events in my life as they happen with you, in hopes of encouraging you through whatever lesson I learn or ought to learn.

On that note, here we go.

So, raise your hand if you have ever been told that “you are too good” for someone, (in my case, a dude). Let me tell ya that my hand is raised. You my friend, are not alone. I know that sounds odd but let me explain. So time to time, either face to face or through the grapevine I have been associated as the girl that’s “too good for me,” and one that is “intimidating.” Guys seem to feel that who I am is too good for them to even think about a relationship? I know that this isn’t every one but for the ones who have thought so, this is for ya.
Are you laughing yet? I am. Literal, LOL. Let’s get this straight, when did it become a burden or a bad idea to pursue people in your life that are good, ones with morals, ones that are fully rooted in who they are? When I hear this quote thrown around it saddens me to think that someone thinks that are undeserving of someone “good.” NO. Whether you are a a girl or a boy telling yourself, “he/she is too good for me,” you are wrong.

You know that Pinterest quote you always see floating around that says, “You accept the love you think you deserve?” I wish this LOVE was the love that Jesus demands we do. This is the unconditional love, the one that is given to us, who think we don’t deserve it. Each one of us deserve the love far more greater than you think that you deserve. I can’t tell you how much you are loved because considering how much you are loved is an infinite amount. That’s a whole lotta love.

For you sista who has been told that you are too good for someone. First off, please don’t think that just because you “good”, and not being pursued doesn’t mean that you aren’t worth pursuing.

For you brotha, who has been told the same thing. You are just as worthy of knowing what one true and GOOD relationship is.

For those of you who are relating this to a dating standpoint or for those who are in a relationship, please don’t settle for anything less than truly being loved. I know it’s easy to fall into a relationship whether it’s romantic or not, but being “too good” can’t hurt you and never will. Let those standards be that you want the other side to be GOOD.

Imagine all of the relationships around us if those people who said that someone was too good for them actually finally had a chance with a good person? Crazy right? All the talk about everyone wanting a good one but not taking action doesn’t help you get there.

Just remember, being “too good”, should ¬†NEVER make you feel that you aren’t good enough.

Their loss lovely human, their loss.

You are good, worth it and REALLY loved.

You deserve good, really good.

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Photography by: Justin Gilbert


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