The story behind my health.

beauty, kaley dignen, kale yeah, health story, Jesus, God, health, sickness, story of hope, blogger, blog, faith, hope, love, diet, self love        It was another Saturday morning on the sidelines as a coach for my little soccer players, as I thought. I was a soccer coach for an organization called Upward. These players were 5-7 years young. As the game was coming to an end, I felt the urge to sit down on the sideline. All of a sudden, I was super pale, confused and realized that something was wrong.  

beauty, kaley dignen, kale yeah, health story, Jesus, God, health, sickness, story of hope, blogger, blog, faith, hope, love, diet, self love

I nudged my mom and told her that I didn’t feel well at all. After the game ended, I raced to the car and we headed to the ER. I was getting worse, FAST.

We arrived in the emergency room and as always, I was placed in the waiting room to wait our turn. An hour later, I get in my room and my fever was spiked up to 103 degrees. After tests and tests to diagnose me, the doctor came in the room with the results. Ready? I was hit with:

The Flu

Where in the world did all of that come from? Prior to this, I was healthy. Of course, I got sick but I was never hit with this much at the same time. Time and time went on and weight loss was being shed because my body was attacking itself. Literally. My immune system got weaker and weaker. I couldn’t work anymore and it became super easy for me to sleep all day long, ( not the good kind of naps). My body was fighting hard to regain strength. About 40 pounds down and sickly looking, I was scheduled for surgery. This wasn’t over yet. I then had pilonidal cyst surgery on my lower back/tailbone. This put me out of work for quite a bit due to an open wound that could only heal from the inside out. Fast forward a mission trip to Jamaica that summer and I come home with H-pylori and then staff infection.  This took a huge toll on me. I had no clue who I was anymore because I couldn’t do anything! After all of that, I became a new person emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually.

Well here I am, about 3 and a half years later and I am well and put together. Gluten intolerance and hypoglycemia came into play but those are manageable. I am in no way saying to “pity” me after all of this. NO. I want you to know my background that lead me to where I am today and who Kaley is truly. Everyday is a constant battle to keep my immune system happy, all while loving my body inside and out! It’s your temple, take care of it!

You know that saying, “you never know what you truly have, until it’s gone”, or maybe this one, “God becomes all you need, when you realize he is all you have”! That became my theme. Housebound and sickly, JESUS became my refuge, comforter, protector and healer faster than I thought. It opened my eyes to see that I was only praying when I needed healing, help or comfort. WHY KALEY WHY? Our heavenly father just doesn’t want us when we are ill or in need of something to better ourselves. He wants ALL of well being, sickness, good and bad times 24/7.

“By his stripes he paid our ransom, he is the Lord, is he the Lord.”

Isaiah 53:5
But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.


If you wanna know what my diet consists of and what I do to keep my immune system up, ask away! 🙂

as always,



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