I’m not sure when the first time I heard someone say, “relationship goals” or state something along the lines of “goals”. What about this crazy, non-real word, “fleek”? It could of been a comment on Facebook, Instagram or simply just in public. It doesn’t matter where I first heard these crazy statements, but I know for sure that it has gotten out of control. Way out of control.

I see #hashtags all over social media stating things such as, #relationshipgoals, #hairgoals, #abgoals #bodygoals, or something silly like #eyebrowgoals. Honestly, I am tired of it.

Now don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with beingINSPIRED by someone or something but once you actually wish upon yourself and believe that hashtag of #relationshipgoals, you are setting yourself up for failure.

I know sometimes people just use these phrases because they are the new trendy thing to say; Before it was YOLO. Think about it, did you ever accomplish something that you wanted to do after you said, “YOLO”? If you believe that you only live once, well, have you gotten to do some amazing things because of that truth?

Back to the #goals; Society already has faulty rules on beauty, looks, how you are supposed to act, or dress. Now we are egging that on with admitting that you want a certain relationship, body feature or life. WHY?

All over YouTube there are videos titled, “Relationship goals VS. Reality.” Guess what? Your eyebrows, body, relationships with other people and your life will never be what you want because you are searching for something “better.”

There is no such thing as perfectly getting what someone else has? WHY?

You were created uniquely, creatively, by and for God alone. This means, your story, your relationships, your body, your looks, your life will never match up to those who you admire or wish to look like.

When will we all start to consider real GOALS? I dream of the day where our social media will be full of vulnerable and humble people. The day where are#relationshipgoals comments become those of true encouragement and#youinspiremetobebetter. 

Embrace that messy hair. Love your imperfections. Mend those relationships that need to be reconciled. LOVE who you are and what you are. You are a child of the most high king and his goal for you has nothing to do with#boyfriend/ #girlfriend. He wants your #heart entirely.

Setting your goals at this standard of wanting what someone else has will never bring you to it. EVER. Stop. You are more than enough.

Maybe a goal? #relationshipwithJESUS



June 19, 2016
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