Old Fashioned Charm.


Hello loves! I have been super annoyed lately on seeing guys around me “pursue” their so called “bae.” First of all, she is not your bae. Is that even a word? haha. I can’t help but to have wanted to live in the time where dating was a respectable act that you looked forward to as a young lady. I dream of the day where Old School Dating takes over the world.  Dudes, this is for you.

  • Go on real dates. Yes, they actually exist.

Guys, take your ladies out on real dates. These should be those that you actually make time and effort for.

  • Go slow.

There is no rush. Good things take time.

  • Commit.

Either commit to one gal or let them know how you feel. Don’t lead each other on to fulfill selfish needs and wants.

  • Open up.

Society today has become really good at faking who they are and hiding their true identities. I take this advice as well because I am scared of heartbreak, therefore I understand how hard it is to let your guard down. When you are honest with yourself and your date, things are so much better and go smoother.

  • Step up and be a gentleMAN.

I am not talking about the obvious things, such as picking up the tab, and opening the door. Yes, these things are commendable but sometimes they are just acts to make you look good. Ladies, he should be a gentleman in ways of what he says, the words he speaks and where he places his focus in. He will respect you if he is a gentleman in all areas.

  •  Do not rely on texting.

How amazing would it be to have guys who called you randomly to ask you out on a date instead of texting you? Phone calls are personal and connect people more.

  •  Take Control.

UHM HELLO. Dudes, ladies do not want to invite you somewhere early on. They want to see and know that you are interested in them. Trust me, it won’t scare them away. Take control and text or call her first.

  • Be unique.

Make her feel special. If you aren’t into the typical giving her flowers on the first date, then find another way in making her feel loved and valued.

  •  Ask permission.

A big thing for me is getting my moms approval. When he tells her that he wants to pursue me, he scores big points. How cool. Even though, I do not have a  dad to ask, my mom plays that role just as well.

  • Most importantly, PURSUE GOD TOGETHER.

Ladies, if you have never been in a relationship before, welcome to the club. Do not lower yourself because you are a rare kind. He will pursue you as he pursues Christ most of all. With that, He will be led in the right direction because he knows how to treat you because of Jesus.

He will come ladies, you are worth it. Stay faithful.



June 19, 2016
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