Clothes. It is funny to say but clothes intrigue me. Look at what you are wearing. Is what you are wearing say something about you, about who you are, make you feel good, or simply just cover your body? For me clothes in general is my way of expressing what I love and what I stand for. MODESTY.

As a christian it is my duty to cover my body, not because I would be naked, but because my creator wants the temple covered to please him. My body is HIS holy temple. Think about that, my body is HIS, therefore I do not own it. Everything I do, say and wear is to point straight back to him. Personally, I choose to dress the way I do because I want nothing more for strangers, other believers and people who don’t know Jesus to stop and think, “Where are her short shorts?” “Where is her bikini?” I never thought because of the way I dressed, I would experience so many conversations about Christ with people simply wondering why I choose to wear a one piece in front of guys. Simply, a t shirt has thrown people off. Weird?

Speaking of guys, modesty affects them greatly. Writing this blog sparked up so many memories of talks that I have been in with a group of friends about modesty. These guys were blunt and stated, ” I respect when I see a girl dressed fully and covered. It helps me so much so I won’t stumble and lust.” Nothing irks me more when a girl who claims the word of God, is not dressed modestly. The moment she comes around her brothers in Christ, BAM, they are done. SIN. Sin creeps on in. Don’t  you realize that we are all here to boost one another up? We are not here to cause our brother to sin lustfully. I know guys will always have the mind of the guy, that is how they were created. Why not help it though? Respect yourself, your temple and guys will respect you.

These past 2 summers living in GA, I have been able to enjoy many boat rides, the lake and tubing. These outings were with guys and girls. As some girls were in their bikinis, I showed up in athletic shorts, a tank or shirt over my bathing suit. I couldn’t tell you how often I was asked where is your bathing suit? Did you not bring one? I was asked like it was mandatory to swim in a bikini. NO. That is just what society has made it out to be. Guess what? I had MORE fun on those boats rides and tubing because I know the guys that I cared for and respected were less likely to lust, and I was not worried about my bathing suit falling off in the waves. DOUBLE WIN.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT look down or judge girls in bikinis. You have to be convicted on good and bad choices we are making. It is nice to have girls realize what guys do though when they display themselves like that. Clothes don’t have to show skin. You can still feel beautiful and cute dressed in a shirt that covers and pants that cover as well. It is possible.

Modesty is just one thing God calls us to be. MODEST. The way we talk, act and dress can all fit in that category. I pray you seek his will and address every avenue in your life on this topic. Are you representing Christ?

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.



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