Insecurity to Security.


First: I’m sorry that you are surrounded by constant images that portray what “real beauty” should look like.

I say. NO.

Who in their right mind stated that starving yourself, or being the richest person alive would make you considerably “perfect” and beautiful?

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Let’s be real, we constantly lower ourselves because we see someone better looking, talented or we simply want something that they have.

Girls: Your reason to feel beautiful should never come from the influence of lowering yourself.

Guys: Your so called “man card” and self esteem should not come from “scoring” a girl.

I have struggled with insecurities. Being bullied on top of Satan became an overruling game.

Guess what?

In Christ, he has changed my life forever.

God did not call you to search for something else. He made you for a purpose and for that purpose to straight back at him. Your life could never be mocked by someone else. Do not be ashamed to be yourself and to be beautiful.

You are someone who should love that someone.

You are loved. You are beautiful and far more worth than rubies.

Christ can and will diminish your insecurities to security in HIM.

Only in him will you find fulfillment and contentment.

You will forever feel SECURE, if you just release your insecurities to him.

No hype, just truth.



June 19, 2016
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