Fads are no longer rad.


I have had a lot of down time; with that it comes good and bad times.

Are you aware of the current fads? Are you keeping up with them? Are you changing your wardrobe or personality just to fit in? For me, I am over it. All over social media, girls are consumed with becoming one another or simply “copying” each other. WHY?

As young girls, we grow daily on who we are and who we become. Why would you ever want to change who you were created to be?

When did it become a “FAD” to duplicate someone else’s personality, their words, their style or even bigger; their STORY. The moment you branch out and deeply understand who you are and why you were created, you realize that you do not want to be anyone other than YOURSELF.

I am aware of the current trends with kimonos, flower crowns and white converse. I wish it stopped there. The moment you put on a certain style and look for the day it changes how people perceive you. Ladies, STOP trying to fit in. Let YOU shine without any obstacles such as not being “good enough”, “pretty enough” or ” perfect enough” get in your way.

Your Facebook, your Instagram, your Twitter and more should only be displaying YOU & no one else. YOU are good enough. Believe that.

Let’s start a new trend by ending these old ones.

Stay true to you.

Much love,



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