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blogger kaley dignen shares her new pieces from Framebridge for Christmas Hey hey hey sweet friends! Happy end of 2016 and almost Merry Christmas! When the gift giving season comes around I start ASAP on all of the DIY and home made gift making that I have pinned over on Pinterest. To me, the greatest gift you could ever give is not defined on the price tag but instead on who gave it to you and because you were thought of personally. I love making gifts and personalizing them! I have teamed up this Christmas with Framebridge to tell you all about how you can frame your photos to give a cute little home decor piece to someone this season!

 I didn’t have any prints to send in, because hello….BROKE, but google some that you love and BAM! You can also upload photos from your computer or have some of your Instagram photos framed as well! I really want to find some of my mom’s old polaroids and frame them! I love creating home decor with a purpose and for me these frames mean more to me than just a pretty picture!

blogger kaley dignen shares her new pieces from Framebridge for Christmas I chose to frame a New York print, a bible verse, and a cactus. You would think that they are just google images that are just “cute”, but to me they are SO much more.

Ever since I could remember, I would cut out magazine articles of places that I wanted to visit, things to do and places to take pictures of! When I was in middle school I took an old tack board that I found at a thrift store and glued all of these images to it to inspire me. I was in middle school people, dreaming of these places and look at me now still dreaming. Pictures inspire me and impact me more than I ever would of thought of! To others they are now “mood boards” but to me they are goals that WILL happen.

blogger kaley dignen shares her new pieces from Framebridge for Christmas

The day that I get to stand in Times Square looking at the lights, the people, the chaos and mess of all I will look straight back at this frame and fall right back n love. As for the Cactus, this cute little thing has inspired me to visit all over the West. I want to camp out, roam the desert and check out California and all of its wonders. There is so much to see and so many stories to learn from the people that I will meet.

blogger kaley dignen shares her new pieces from Framebridge for Christmas

Finally, this is one of my favorite verses that I could go on and on about. I know you ladies have probably seen it all over the internet or on an Instagram caption but this little image full of powerful words impact me daily. Proverbs 31 is a constant reminder oh who I am and the woman of God that I will forever continue strive for daily.

15435648_10208857222642685_905185969_nThe deadline for ordering for Christmas is December 18! If you decide to order some, they guaranteed print and framed items to be sent back in time for by Christmas. Don’t forget to use the code Kaley15 for 15% your first Framebridge order!

Shop my room here:

Macramé hanger 

Thanks to Framebridge for gifting these to me for Christmas! Now it’s your turn to gift them!

Merry Christmas sweet friends!

xoxo, Kale

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