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Ladies. Daughters of the most high king. Have you actually seen yourself without any makeup, or your hair done? I know some of you girls are in makeup 24/7 and when you remove it all at nighttime you don’t see yourself long enough, to see “you” without a covering before you head off to sleep. This is me. No makeup, no covering, no hiding, and  nothing special for me but to show myself as my creator meant for it to be. Here, I am vulnerable as can be.

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June 19, 2016

Single and Happy. Say What?


Song of Solomon 2:7

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the does of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.

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June 19, 2016

What guys really think about us girls.







So many girls and guys wander around not knowing what the other sex is thinking. Read on for what guys truly think of girls.

As a christian with beliefs on waiting for sex until marriage, setting boundaries in relationships and being modest; I wanted to have guys that I respect to share on what they think about girls more than her appearance.

I asked 3 guys to give me honest answers: Here are a few of the questions that I asked:

  • What attracts you to certain girls?
  • What are your thoughts on a girls online persona?
  • What is your take on starting a relationship?
  • What do you look for in a potential wife?

Ladies, listen up. 

1. The way you look on the outside is not everything.

“When they’re funny, confident, and genuinely caring towards any and all human beings.”

“A girls personality and how they treat others always plays a role in how attractive they are.”

“I like being around a woman who’s bold–not wild or rash with decisions–but firm in what she believes and ‘all-in’ with her faith. She values nothing over God and other people, and holds unnervingly to that without my help or influence. I do believe relationships should build each other up, but if she can stand strongly on her own with God, the two of us are more likely to stand strongly together as a couple. I love seeing cheerfulness in her. I want to be around someone who communicates like me–constantly hoping to encourage, to learn from, to learn about, to teach, to have fun, and to just grow closer to someone.”

2. Be true to who you are.

“It should be nothing more than a reflection, and only a reflection, of who they are.”

“I don’t know what to think about online personas. I often don’t like that they exist; it’s weird that people can have two personalities, one through technology and one in person. I don’t think this is always our fault, but I think we need to recognize that our personality online can be misleading.

I would really discourage a girl from trying to impress others through social media because it means that we’re more interested in the person that they can ‘look’ like or ‘appear’ to be. I don’t want to be impressed by a girl. I want her to be herself. Acting like someone else isn’t just forcing her to live differently, it can also deceive a guy who’d like to get to know her or spend time with her. A relationship needs honesty far before dating even begins…let alone marriage.

We all have online personas, simply because text and pictures don’t convey enough of who we are, no matter how hard we try. But I appreciate a girl who’s honest. If you strive to be sincere about who you are, anything misleading is really just accidental. I think it’s cool when girls don’t need social media, too. I’m clearly not opposed to Facebook and such, but I feel like they can be traps for some–constant comparisons, maintaining that second persona, etc. But, it really shows some boldness and independence when someone shows that they don’t need social media. It’s just cool I guess, but I also know plenty of other really cool women who use it for solid purposes.”

3. Be patient with friendships.

 “Patience and pursuit. Wait. Time is a good thing, but don’t be clueless or neglect looking for a relationship.”

“A relationship should result from a friendship that has been growing over time. It’s not just a long friendship though, because it has to result from both people seeing the possibility for something more. Dating should be based of each partner seeing qualities in each other that they seek in the person they look to marry, but being in a relationship isn’t a guaranteed marriage.”

“I want to start a relationship with marriage as an end, goal, prospect, etc. It all should have a purpose. I believe it’s about people who complement each other’s walk. In essence, they make a great team. They don’t have to have thesame gifts or talents, but I believe they should have similar ambitions inregard to living by their faith. Raising a family, owning a business, supporting each other–all of these rest on the two’s relationship.

I struggle OFTEN with making my life revolve around finding a relationship, but I think a dating relationship should flow from two people who already have a strong relationship (friendship and whatnot) who are seeking God. If two people are acting constantly out of love and worship for God and they still start to feel drawn to one another, all the while keeping that worship alive, not hindering or detracting from it, then I think they can step into a relationship confidently. Their walks align, they reach greater heights together, they worship more passionately–I think this is what ‘two becoming one’ should also mean.”

4. Date to marry. 

“I want someone who helps me seek Jesus daily, who is genuine in all situations, and who knows she can be satisfied in The Lord without me. I want to grow with someone and love them fully like Jesus loves us. I’m not ready for that yet, but as of now it’s what I want.”

“I want a girl that has an awesome personality and I enjoy being around but also that I can grow with. I won’t her to be pursuing Him more than me though! We should grow closer based on our relationship with Him.”

“I want to be with someone who won’t ever…ever give up. There’s time to decide the strength of a relationship before tying the knot, but after….there needs to be faith and strength. I want to be with someone who will truly make the commitment to work through any trials.

I want a teammate. Whatever careers or ministry we lead(whatever kind it maybe), and the children we raise all depend on us being able to work together. But not just being able to: working ‘very well’ together, caring, talking,listening.”

So, strength, honesty, enthusiasm, love, wisdom, and faith.

Ladies, there are good guys out there and that will genuinely respect you.

STOP. Be patient, be modest and be yourself. 

Your prince charming is on his way.



June 19, 2016
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