Bonding over Football.


Last night I attended my first Georgia game. I was stoked to watch some football and to hang out with great friends. Coming into the game I didn’t expect anything, but fun.

While they tackled each other on the field I looked around and saw thousands of people all in the stands. Their red Pom Poms held high and voices loud and clear. They were all in for one cause. All in for a team.

Think about it. How often do a bunch of strangers get together and cheer on the same team or support something? Either football or some sort of competition.

What if Jesus was on that field? Would those same people be so willing to drive to worship Jesus? It is crazy to think that we are so fast to cheer on our favorite football team and so slow to share the gospel. We are scared to scream, put our Pom poms in the air for Christ but when Gurley makes a touchdown we could care less who is watching.

Passion is the only time where I have witnessed a body of Christ coming together for Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong, it has changed my life, but why does it have to be there?

Are you worshipping a sports team more than your creator? Are you another fan or a follower?

Let’s take the football screaming fans inside us to a new level and have that same energy with other believers because Christ has already scored and made the biggest touchdown ever.

Challenge accepted?




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